Did I allow him his way on me?

I went with a guy to the movies. At the end of the movie, I was crying a little, then he teased me about it, then he asked me to give him a kiss, because of misunderstanding, I though he wanted to kiss my cheek, and I allowed it, because I though he wanted to confort me, but when he did it, I felt that something was not fine. Later, he apologizes for making me feel unconfortable, and he though that by doing it, acting as a jerk with me with first annoying me about not to cry and then asking for a kiss, I could storm off (which I didn't do it but I think I should have).

During our way out, I decided to ask him about it, and he told me that he did it because "he though it was the right time", that idea made me feel more scared and I feel regretted of allowing him to kiss my cheek and invade my personal space.

I donĀ“t know how should think or act about it, I felt that I allowed an opportunist to invade my personal space and I didn't make me respect, that I didn't show strengh to evade him, or maybe I am just exaggerating because he wanted to kiss me on the lips and he didn't get it, and he saw that I was annoyed with him even though he wanted to be more gentle in the end.

What do you think? what message could I give him by allowing him to kiss my cheek?, could that give the wrong message that I am interested in him, that he can make his way on me, or quite the opposite?

Until now, he hasn't contacted me, he just say hello to me and he asked me something which was related to one of his tasks. So I think everything is ok, that I have been respecting myself until now, as long as I don't look for him.


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  • Getting this worked up over a kiss on the cheek is a little weird. Although I must say I'd love it if my daughter was that uptight/awkward at 25+

    If you don't like the guy just tell him and don't go on anymore dates with him.

    • Thanks for the compliment, it's just that I am scared that by allowing him to kiss my cheek could give the false signal that I want him to go further with me.

    • I don't think so. If you let him keep hanging around he's more likely to think you want him.

      Make sure you are clear that you don't want that kind of relationship with him. You don't have to be mean about it but be firm.

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  • I'm guessing you are not a resident of the western hemisphere, because a kiss on the cheek is considered extraordinarily mild by the hundreds of millions of men and women who live here.

    • Yeah, I know, but I have been with people who despite living in the western hemisphere are stupid, stubborn, who start to create false hopes or think that there could be something more than friendship just by touching hands, getting a kiss on the cheek or a small show of affection.

    • I don't mind to be rude with you, probably you are not like the people I described you, but I have had problems with that kind of people.

  • He over stooped his boundaries by kissing you on cheek
    you went out with him just as a friend nothing more but
    you had no idea the kiss on the cheek was coming so
    don't blame yourself for anything that went wrong

  • Wait. You're upset because he kissed you on the cheek? That's not a romantic or sexual advance, he was just being nice, probably. I kiss my female friends on the cheek all the time, I'm pretty sure it's just being polite.

    • Yes, I am upset because I am worry that by allowing him to kiss me on the cheek can give the false signal that I want him to hit on me. (that I want something more than friendship)

  • Yeah I think the problem is with you. Being this uptight with him, you shouldn't have gone on the date if you don't at least want a kiss on the cheek. Also, your thoughts are very disorganized.

    • It wasn't a date, it was a going out with a friend.

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