Hey girls am I being irrational?

There's this girl in my church that I really have a thing for. I've only had small talks with there because she works there too. I think she's super cute. Not hot lol. Cute. And yes there's a big difference. I just feel like overwhelmed to talk to her because we have quite a number of people in our church youth group like college age students so she has like a thousand some friends on Facebook. And everytime she posts something on Facebook, she gets a crap ton of likes. Like one single status can generate like 50-60 likes and one picture can have like 100 some likes. So I'm like "oh God it's so intimidating how many friends she has and if I'm lucky enough to get closer to her, her friends are gonna swarm over me." Like especially her roommates. I don't think I'm a great looking dude. I mean I'm fit and muscular but I think I just have an okay face. I do think it I'm pretty intelligent and fun and energetic. One of my buddies are like "dude she's not THAT good looking. I mean yeah she is but she gets ALLL those likes on Facebook and she's STILL single? She's not like THAT good looking". I'm not necessarily afraid of what she thinks of me but what her friends will. I don't exactly view that highly of myself in terms of attractiveness level so I also start wondering why she would wanna date me out of all the other guys who she knows that are better looking than me and probably better personality too.

Yeah I see what you guys are saying. I've heard people say that she's a cool girl. And our church is close knit so I'm not lying when I say that out of those over 1000 some friends on fb, she knows a lot of them and its terrifying :/


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  • I have 1000 something friends on fb and I only know about 200. Which half happen to be family. Then there are the ones I know but dont speak to. So just ignore all that and actually talk to her. You seem really nice and she might just be waiting for someone like you. Not too attractive but with a great personality

    • Our church is pretty close knit so I feel like she would actually know a lot of people. I'm not trying to think of excuses. It's just that I'm literally fucking terrified.

    • You really like her. Message her on fb and try to hang out just you two.

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  • Ask her out. the worst that can happen is she says no. Sure her friends might be scary but if she ends up really liking you im pretty sure lots of her friends will except you too. Plus if you're with her. Who fucking cares what her friends think. So just go for it dude!

  • All those fb friends don't have to be her real friends. There might actually only be a few who she really feels comfortable with. If she really liked one of those guys why isn't she dating one? I don't think you have to worry about what her friends think of you, but what she thinks of you. So just go up to her and talk to her or contact her on facebook. Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure you're a great guy!


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  • You are stupid for thinking she would not be interested in you.

    Truth is you have an advantage over most of the other guys.

    You are in church. A good girl want a man who knows God and is in church. If she meets a guy she is going to drag him to church as part of the passage of a man. You are already there.

    Most pretty women do not have any one tell them they look pretty. Tell her, if she likes what she hears, she will smile if she does not she will not smile.

    Good luck

    • I understand what you mean. There's plenty of other dudes who knows God too. So I'm just another fish in the ocean. I don't know man.