Would you be offended if a girl said they'd only meet you somewhere central?

I just wanted to know what guys would think if a girl said they'd rather meet up somewhere central than drive out to the country for a second date.

That's what I said to a guy I've been seeing. It's just because he can be a little pushy, and I didn't want to be trapped in a situation I was uncomfortable with. We did meet up centrally, and ended up kissing (for a long while). But he hasn't been back in touch for a week now, and I'm wondering if he's gone off me, or whether he's hesitant to suggest meeting up now because I haven't trusted him completely, or if there's some other reason...


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  • Personally, I wouldn't be..

    Pushing things probably would make it go completely wrong.

    But see, then you felt yourself comfortable and had a kiss on the lips eventually...

    Nothing can change... :)

    If you had lost contact after the day, it makes me think: maybe there was really a problem...

    Who knows, you should ask the guy what the problem was?

    Maybe the ship had left the bay, maybe not...

    You should find that out if you liked that guy..

    Go for what makes you happy...


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  • I would understand it.


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