Mixed signals from a girl friend, who I have been friends with for a while, keeps sending out mixed signals.. Here is the breakdown?

We have known each other for a while, never fooled around. There is a chemistry vibe when we hang out. I feel aroused when I am around her, I feel urges to make moves or touch her in a sexual way.

I recently communicated this with her, "I wonder what it would be like if we ever slept together". To which she responded."we are friends!, no way." but her actions/body language, weather it be conscious or sub-conscious speak differently.

Then, just the other day, right after I told her about my thoughts on us sleeping together, she told me she broke it off with this guy. She visited me at work, came to my house 4 nights over the past week, and last night she slept over.. she's in my bed, on the far corner, as far from me as possible. I attempt to touch her or make some kind of playful move and she rejects it, "touch me and ill punch you in the face, don't make me hurt you."So I laugh it off, i'm just being light hearted/playful, trying every move I know, nothing happens..

Then we wrestled around a little bit, thinking it would lead somewhere, but it didn't.. I am beginning to lose patience, she gets all surprised and acts like I'm some kind of perv because I become attracted to a girl who comes over 4 nights in a week. She asked me what my other girl-friends would think, to which I answered, "they would think its weird that we spend all this time together and nothing happens.

What do you all think? Am I wrong? She asked if she was a tease? She is right?


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  • If you have other girlfriends, why would she want you to make a move on her? You're answer should have been. "I don't have other girlfriends, but I'm trying to make you my girlfriend". I bet you would have had a different outcome. Sheesh, seems so obvious. Don't play games with her and she won't play games with you.

  • It sounds like she likes you as a friend


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