Girls, can you describe the perfect guy? What he would act like/look like?

How would he dress, what kind of hair he has, his hair color, personality, interests. That kind of thing. I'm just doing this as more of a hypothetical then anything.


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  • Everyone has different opinions, my personal turn ons for a guy though are;

    tall (because im really tall)
    nice smile
    can be quite childish but knows when to take themselves seriously
    can just lay with me and watch films


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  • I'll accept a man with any hair color or type. ("Type" as in curly, wavy, straight, nappy... I'm not a fan of bald, sadly, along with some other styles. Like really, really long.) He would dress well, like I do. Respect himself enough to not dress like a punk or a swaglet, but more like a gentleman. Meaning not sagging or having a million piercings and tattoos and such-like. (That's just my personal opinion. Some women dig that.) Personality and interests are the most important aspects of my "perfect" guy. He would be very intelligent and able to imagine, so we could dream together. He would be kind with strong moral values. Tolerant and accepting. Empathetic. Ambitious. He would actually initiate conversations, too. Most guys don't do that with me. His interests? I wouldn't connect well with a really sporty/athletic guy whose passion in life is sports. Or engineering or math. Nope. His interests could be many things, a very broad spectrum. As long as his interests are interesting to me, personally. As far as a body goes, as long as he's not too fat and not skin and bones.

  • Honestly looks aren't everything. I think the hottest quality in a guy is a great personality! There has been more times I have found myself attracted to average looking guys purely because of his ability to hold a conversation and make me laugh! It is so true what they say; Cute boys make you blush, hot boys make you drool, cool boys make you daydream, but trust me funny boys will make you fall in love without even realizing it! ;) xxxxx

  • pretty eyes with a certain shape, nice nose, full cheeks, compact face, defined jawline, small pout with full lips (top lip sticking out more than bottom and allowing ample toothshow), long neck, lean&graceful body, semi-long hair ♡

  • Looks:
    Dark hair
    Dark eyes
    Broad shoulders
    Nice smile


    • Thanks for the feedback! My hair and eyes are like the exact opposite of your ideals XD

    • That still doesn't mean that i would never g for a blonde guy. At the end of the day its other things that are more important than his haircolor.

  • Okay, well to me? I don't really have an ideal guy...
    As long as he treats me with love and respect that's all I need.
    Looks wouldn't matter either.
    If you have a big heart then I'll be into you.
    But may I had that the only facial feature I would look for would be bright eyes maybe? It can even be bright brown but I just love bright eyes! :)

    Hope I helped? <3


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