Does she want me back as a friend or something more?

I know I shouldn't ask because asking won't help my anxiety but I'm still wondering. I had lunch with my ex today and the signals were so mixed that I'm just not sure. First of all she asked me out and bailed last week then apologized and asked me out again. I told her a lie that I was busy then came back and told her I was lying and asked her out. She said she wasn't mad. But talking was Spotty. I must've said something right because by the end of the week she was setting up the date no bailing this time she even called before. She wore gym shorts and a T-shirt but asked me if it was okay before she came. It was hot and honestly I didn't care. When I got there she had gotten her card stuck in her car door somehow and as I was trying to look and help she kept pushing her butt into me. Throughout the lunch things were great we talked we laughed things were good. But she was texting. She says it was her mom I didn't question it. She tried to see if I thought the waitress was cute I dodged the question. She started talking about her mom asking if she had a boyfriend and made it seem like she was single at first but I didn't respond. Then later she brought up her boyfriend. Now normally i'd say red flag but in the past there had been times she hid her current boyfriend from me and I got pissed and bailed. So she may just be trying to be honest. We've been on and of for 4 years (my fault) and we were always on no contact during the summer. I mentioned this and she admitted she was sad about me leaving so often. I tried to avoid talking about the past for now. We finished and went outside and talked for another hour. She didn't mention her boyfriend much other than that he was a bartender and she was illegally getting free alcohol. She hugged me goodbye twice. The first one was friendly full body contact. The second had a clear I really missed you feel to it. It's clear she wants to see me much more but I'm not sure if I'm just a friend or fuck buddy or what.


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  • Sorry but she sounds like a bit of a tease. Avoid her and move on with your life.

    Or say you're now dating a gorgeous girl and see what her reaction is. If she's genuinely happy for you then she's just a friend. If she gets a bit weird over it then she's definitely a tease. If you're not careful she'll break your heart too.

    • I love how your answer is either she's just friends or she's teasing you. Your pessimism is clear. I'm not going to lie to her just to get a reaction. She test things like that all the time and is jealous of almost all of my female friends. I don't respond for a reason.

  • Why don't u ask her if she will give it another chance if that's what u want

    • Well 1. I'm not even sure yet. 2. I tried that last time it didn't turn out well we tried but she got nervous because it was too quick and started to withdraw everyone got mad and things ended so I'm trying not too rush things 3. I really just want to go out a few more times first. I just wanted to know what it sounded like to everyone else because I know when I'm in the moment with her it's like the rest of the world disappears for awhile and I'm not as objective

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    • Well just to be honest if you can not communicate there's no hope

    • But this date was different we actually did talk about things. It wasn't this huge out pour of emotions but we talked.

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