Meeting his kids and what it means?

I have been dating this guy for a little over a month. We have not defined the relationship yet but we talk everyday and spend at least one day a week together because of work schedules that's all we can work out right now.

He has two boys and he mentioned recently that maybe I could meet them soon. He has only introduced one gf in the past to them.

My question is why would he want me to meet them now and what does this mean?

I honestly feel like he and I should be 100% strong in out relationship so that the boys don't get hurt.


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  • If he is ready for you to meet his kids he must be serious


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  • He was to let you know in advance that he has had a strong relationship before. Rather than wait till the last minute to tell you "oh by the way I have kids with another woman a while back" its very awkward and you might feel betrayed. In my opinion this man did the right thing and was forthcoming with you an a subtle way.

    • Oh I agree. I knew from the very first conversation that he has children. We have talked about them a lot

    • This man is caring and smart. he plans ahead and likes to keep long term relationships. This personality probably resulted from past betrayals. Good catch ma'am.

    • That's good to hear. He says it's hard from him to trust people but I think he and I are building something good. Thank you

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  • That's really early tbh you should talk to him about it

    • Yeah I think it's early too. When I was talking with him I told him I would love to meet them in the future. I think we should wait a few months