Was it just a kiss or was it more?

Went on a first date with a guy. We had "talked" for almost a month before our first date. The date went okay, little awkward and quiet. We talked forever on the phone before we met and then in person we had like kinda had to force talking. We ended up cuddling and he kissed me that night. The next day we hung out and it was quiet again and awkward. Then when i left he kissed me goodbye. Does he have interest in me or did he just kiss me to do it?

ok so he never called last night or this morning... so what should i do? should i call or text him today?


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  • What does interest have to do with a silent awkward moment. there's nothing wrojg with it, u can't juz keep talken forever and ever without stopping juz to satisfied the other person. Silent moment ok cuz we have time to think what were gonna say next and it doesn't mean that were not interest >.>
    Sometimes it can be due to shyness and anxiety so y'all juz need more time together and know eachother more. By dat time, y'all will be more comfortable with eachother and before u even realize, y'all can go on and on forever without having to worry about silent moments. Good luck!

    • Thanks!! It wasn't like awkward moment... like we could verily talk to each other the whole weekend. We went to dinner and we could verily talk to each other. I thought it might have been me.

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    • yeah we talk every night so i am kinda hoping he will call tonight and talk if he doesn't ill know

    • If he doesn't call, why dont u call? Dont wait for the others, do whats best for u -_-
      I would like it a lot if u call meh if i were him so why not?

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  • I'm sure if he made the effort to ask you out, dress nicely, get past the awkwardness, and cuddled, I think he probably likes you.

    Why would you have doubts?

    • really? do guys ever just kiss a girl on a date bc she is cute not bc they like them?

    • There are. But do you honestly feel he likes you, or do you feel he took advantage of you?

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