Are we now boyfriend/girlfriend?

A girl and I have been dating for the last two weeks. We've been very intimate from watching movies on the couch together, to playing around in the pool, to kissing and hugging each other.
We both have very limited relationship experience, so we're both probably flying blind.
I'm not entirely sure what she thinks of us at this point in time, or how I would approach the question. Is this something she needs to bring up? Can I bring it up?


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  • Of course either of you could bring it up. You aren't boyfriend/girlfriend until you straight up say 'Do you want to be in a relationship?' or she asks you that question so for now you're just casually seeing each other. As for how to approach the question, just ask her for dinner or to join you for coffee then bring how she sees you two. Just say 'How do you feel about us? I really like you, would you be interested in becoming exclusive?'

    • Kayla, would that be rushing things? The beginning of the our "relationship" seemed very rushed to begin with. We both told each other that we liked each other, and we ended up kissing.
      We then stood there for about half an hour hugging each other before we hung out for half a day, being intimate throughout the day.
      I don't want this to seem like a shallow relationship.

    • If you didn't know each other at all before, it might be rushing things. Try to get to know each other more than just physically to be sure you want more than a sexual relationship with her. Obviously you guys have good sexual chemistry, but if you want a relationship not filled with crazy drama you should try to connect mentally as well.

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  • You can bring it up, absolutely. Yes, I would advise bringing it up because clearly if either one of you were to suddenly go on a date with someone else, the other would get hurt. There might not be any smooth way of bringing it up, and should she take offense, probability favors that she still won't break up with you over it.

  • It can't hurt to ask. If you guys are talking or something just subtly bring it up "Can I call you my girlfriend?" or "Would you say we're dating?"


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