How do I get a girlfriend? Help?

Okay, I really need tips.
please help me. I'm an athletic guy with a lot of friends and a honors student. I'm just looking for that right girl.


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  • Have a positive energy/attitude. Girls we'll see that and guarantee, girl's will start talking to you and be comfortable around you.


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  • be yourself and be willing to make the first move.

    if you're looking for that right girl, know what you are looking for and don't settle for less. sure, it might take a long time (at least longer than you'd like) to find her, but in the end it'll be worth it!

  • the first question you need to answer is what are you looking for in that right girl, then just be straight forward keep your head up bc it will not happen within the day. at first take things slow so you won't overwhelm her then start taking her to meet friends before the parents if the relations is longer than 4-6 months or if she gives clues that she is ready for the parent meeting.

  • In order to find a compatible girl, you have to find with similar interests. Many people will say go meet a girl at a club, which is fine, but if you're not into that scene than meeting a girl there will not be a compatible girlfriend.
    You're an honors student. Anyone in your classes you're interested in? Are you in any clubs? Are there any clubs that sound interesting that you'd like to join?
    If you have similar interests then its also easier to talk to that person, because you have something to talk about.
    Best of luck!


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