Girl taking it slow or scared?

So I met this new girl, and we had met online. We hit it off and decided to meet up. We had talked only for a few months, but were always busy with our work and school to meet up. But after like 2 months we finally met.

So we meet up and I think we both had a great time. We spent a lot of time chatting and getting to know each other. At the end of the day I got a text from her saying she had an awesome time. I sent her a text back too.

After that we didn't text much and she always texted super late. I mean that if I sent a text say Monday, I got a reply if I am lucky by Wednesday. So, I don't know if she has any interest or not?

I asked her too meet up again this week and she said yes.
I know she said she was kinda of scared of getting into a relationship and when I asked her she said she has never been in one. But she's scared because she seems people break up a lot and I guess she is looking for something long term as I am too.

So how do I go about it? I guess lot's of women maybe can relate to how she is feeling? I guess I don't know if she even likes me either or if she is interested. I do know she said she is tired of meeting guys who only want a booty call from her. So maybe she is afraid of commitment or not sure of me just yet?


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  • I think you should take it slow, not just for her comfort but yours also, because who knows what could happen. I believe she is interested because she would have said no about meeting up and maybe she hasn't been answering your txts because it all seem unreal that she met a great guy. ONLINE at that. So give it time so she can adjust and take it day by day :-)

    • Well what I have been trying to do is try to ask her out every week or two. That way we just get out and hang out. We both work and have class, so we both are busy. But, I'm thinking if I want to get to know her better and her me, then it's best to spend some time here and there.

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  • I think the older you get without dating the more worried and self conscience you become about it. This only naturally raises your self defense barriers which leads to a slow development. I would tell her you appreciate her honesty and tell her there is no rush and you will develop at a pace that she find comfortable.

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