How do you girls determine that this guy is boyfriend material?

The guy you date or a guy you like... is it through getting to know each other more? You two are spiritually compatible as in you two go to the same church, you two are very alike? Common interests? Hotness? You are physically attracted to each other? Are kindness and chivalrous manners attractive? Ok tell me


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  • I want to say its a combination of things. For me we have to be able to vibe. If he gets on my nerves after an hour its not gonna work. I also have to be somewhat attracted to them. I get bored easily so it helps if they can keep me thinking and on my toes. He has to be laid back and kind. I would take a sweetheart over a jerk anyday. And most impotently he has to like me for me, faults and all.

    • That's great! It takes something to get done on both parts.. accepting the other one for who he or she is.. thank you for answering!

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