Are guys afraid to talk to me? Is something wrong with me?

I was starting to think something was not right about me because I don't understand why I can't seem to find a decent boyfriend. Guys don't talk to me at all. They never do. The rare times that guys do talk to me they are bums or want to be thug type of guys that seem like they have nothing to loose and they aren't my type at all. I'm not an ugly girl. I have a beautiful face a nice caramel complexion, and a nice figure. My measurements are 34 - 25 - 37. I'm a very kind person, silly and down to earth and I'm smart as well. I'm clean and I have a jolly personality as well. But guys just don't seem to be interested in me... when I go out with friends I see guys talking to all the girls around me but no one will approach me. This happens in any setting. At school, in public etc. Sometimes it does make me feel kind of bad that I can't seem to get boyfriends. I talked to my mom about it and she said guys are afraid to talk to pretty girls. You're a natural beauty and they may not know what to say to you and don't want to be rejected. My guy friends told me that I was beautiful and have a beautiful body and that any guy would love to have me as theirs and would be crazy to risk loosing me. But its kind of heard to believe that when no one ever approaches me or asks me to hang out or go on dates. Sometimes I notice guys looking my way but they never walk over to me or ever approach me. Maybe I could try talking to the guys first. But I have a fear of rejection. For so long no one ever approached me so it has lead me to feel like something is wrong with me so I don't approach guys. And the two guys that I did date both treated me horribly. I've only had 2 boyfriends, both treated me extremely bad. I always try to be positive and optimistic everyday and enjoy life but sometimes this does cross my mind. Sometimes I wonder if I will find a good man who will give me everything in return that i give. Why don't guys talk to me or approach me? Is something wrong with me?


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  • I once heard that it is harder for pretty women to find a boyfriend. Your mother is correct. Men often feel intimidated of pretty women, thereby choosing not to initiate. The only people that choose to initiate are the ones that, as you said "are bums or the thug type that have nothing to lose".

    Let me tell you what men often think (I often have these thoughts myself):
    "Wow, she's pretty. She obviously already has a boyfriend."
    "She's far out of my league. She'd only date handsome men with great personalities."
    "She has the ability to pick and choose who she wants to date. I'd only get rejected. I won't even bother approaching her."

    Yes, I'll often glance in a girl's direction like those men will. I won't approach though, for fear of rejection given the thoughts I illustrated.

    There is 'nothing' wrong with you, except perhaps incorrect body language. If you want men to approach you, smile invitingly in their direction. Don't cross your arms. You have to show that you're receptive to them approaching.

    • A lot of the guys I see look attractive and it seemed like any girl would love to have them. It was hard for me to think they were afraid of being rejected. But I guess guys have their fears as well.

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    • Body language may be all you need. Point your feet and body at a guy you like, smile, and maintain eye contact. This should be sufficient enough to bring a guy over. Best of luck! If that doesn't work, send me a message.

    • Thanks =)

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  • Sum guys r intimidate by girls it's crazy but true Mayb u appear wiser ur beauty makes them feel there not good enough for u Mayb u the way u dress they way u look with ur eyes intimidate them

    • I see. It just sucks though because I'm sure some of them are good enough and I'm a really nice person =/ it sucks to know I look intimidating

    • Hey yes it sucks I check u out guys can b dense I had the chance n close to ur she n was ur type I'd b fallin over myself like yo a kid to get n keep ur attention I don't think ur intimidate in the guys mind he has to b in control of a girl n u seem like a girl that won't stand for that n a guy assumes he had no chance n walks believe that unexpectedly that crosses u path n u both catch ur eyes u know what I mean ur a very beautiful sexy girl that I'm turned on haha hmu on gmail I'm j. blea80 their if u wanna chat more I'll listen droll with honor that u hav taken time. to be in ur company hmu

  • 18-24? Pics or I didn't read anything.

  • Maybe their afraid you'll reject them like all women do


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  • Just remember, you said that you don't approach guys out of a fear of rejection. Well, that is probably why they aren't approaching you. There is nothing wrong with you.

  • its cause you're out of their league and they're scared to approach you

  • your unapproachable yet you've had two boyfriends... lol ok