What do I do? Friend zone alert?

I am soooo stuck in the friend zone!! I've known this guy for 10 years. Since kindergarten and I've always been crushing on him. I've of course dated guys between the crush and gotten over him during the relationships but when I'm single again like now? I just... I really like him. The thing is. He only thinks of me as a friend. More like his ring man actually. Cuz I always help hook him up with girls. Even tho it hurts to see it, I just feel happy knowing he is Happy... I'm also always there for him if he is hurt or going through something and he tells me all his secrets. But that's it. I'm just his buddy... and he has even hurt my feelings a few times. I always forgive him but I don't know know... just an hour ago, I was helping him get over his break up. And let's just say... he said a something that hurt. I'm ignoring him now but I know I'll end up forgiving him maybe... what do I do?

  • Ditch him. He's no good for you.
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  • Give him another chance! he can't be too bad!
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  • Tell him how you feel! (not gonna happen people but u can vote it anyways haha)
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  • Deal with it. Your not a kid anymore. grow up.
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  • This is not a great situation to be in.
    The fact you are here with that question and those remarks means that you are not satisfied with continuing to be in this friend-zone.
    You have a handful of choices. Three of them are important choices:
    1) Leave him as a friend.
    2) Continue on with the status quo.
    3) Tell him how you 'really' feel, and move on from there.

    #1 doesn't make much sense. He would be confused. You'd also be abandoning a long-time friendship.
    #2 is the easy way out, and changes absolutely nothing. You'd continue to be "his ring-man", "his buddy". He hurts you, you forgive him, etc, etc.
    #3 is the only approach that makes constructive change. He'll know you like him. He'll have to figure out how to handle it. You'll either get the man, or lose him. Either way, it'll test both him and you. Your feelings will likely not dissipate anytime soon; they've been going on for 10 years!! I honestly don't care if you tell us that it isn't going to happen. That shows that you're afraid. Fear has kept you in the status quo for all this time, and will continue to.
    So you either suck it up and tell him how you feel, or you will never find release. I also don't know the full story of how he hurt you, but if he continuously hurts you then he isn't the type of guy you should be with.

    • Thank you very much! This really gave me a lot to think on And helped a lot! I really appreciate it!

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  • img3.wikia.nocookie.net/.../...all_these_feels.png

    You sometimes have kamakazie and tell him. Knowing that if he rejects you the friendship will most likely be over since it'll get awkward. Is it worth it? Only you can decide that.

  • Let him know how you feel. If he playes games, then ditch him!


What Girls Said 2

  • you clearly have a deep friendship, you need to slowly back off and get yourself out fo the friendzone before you tell him how you feel. i do think you should let him know that he hurt you as a friend

  • Ditch him. I dont know how many times I've friend zoned someone. And it would only make me mad to have then keep coming at me. Go for someone who wants you just as much as you want them it feels so much better.