Help. Afraid to contact him again?

Long story short. I met a guy through a cousin a year ago. We hit it off then he disappeared for 5 months (went to college). I got a boyfriend. He found out some how, was upset but still wanted to hang. Lost contact again. I'm now single.

I haven't talked to him in 4 months. But I love him, always did. That's why I broke up with my last boyfriend. I only got a boyfriend because I wanted to get over him so bad. I thought he would never talk to me again. I thought he used me and left me alone. I told him this when he called me out of the blue that day. He explained his side of things too. But I'm afraid to call him again. I think about him everyday all day. Its actually annoying how much I think about this guy. I tried so hard to get over him. I picked him apart in my mind and looked at all his faults. But I love every single one of them. I even went as far as to improve myself just so I would look better in his eyes if we ever saw each other again. But I feel like its not enough. I'm mostly afraid he'll pick up and say he moved on. I'm terrified he'll reject me. I tried praying on it, but i'm impatient. This is totally out of my character and I don't know how to deal. I never been in love before till now. Any opinions would be appreciated. Man i feel awkward even asking this question...


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  • Break up with your boyfriend. You wouldn't have fallen for the second one if you weren't in love with the first one

  • i don't understand why you are saying you are trying to get over him you might as well phone him see if it ends up going somewhere before you try and get over him... basically yes call

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