How do I get men to be attracted to me? Tips please!

I have never had a boyfriend, and I really want one. Any tips on getting a good guy to like me?


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  • Feminists will hate this, but... The key to attracting men is to... Be a woman. Not super submissive, but yes, submissive. Few men want a demanding woman. That does not mean you are his doormat. But if you love being a woman, if you want to make a man happy (I am not just talking about sex. Sex is for after marriage. I mean making him meals, cleaning the house, etc. I make my meals, I clean my place. I want someone to make my life easier, not harder!) then men will find you irresistible. Sorry liberated women, but it is true!

    Be careful, though. There are men out there who will woo you, and play you, just to take your virginity. Your virginity is a gift you can only give one man, and only one time. It is very precious. It will forever bond you to him, which is why it is best to wait for sex until after marriage, when he has proven he loves you beyond your body, by not sleeping with you.

    A man worth having will NOT ask you for sex, until he has told you he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and waited for the honeymoon to take you.

    How do you know when you have found him? Your instincts will tell you the same thing that your heart is. Do not be deceived, your heart is very deceitful! When your instincts and heart align, that is the man worthy of your love. And yes... There are men who are not worthy of your love at all. These are men who will cheat, who will treat you like a commodity. Who will not love you. Who will not esteem you like his most prized possession (His Precious wife! His mate! His Earthly everything. Some will be offended by this term, possession, but my mate will belong to me. And guess what- I also belong to her. I am her possession as well. I am her man, her mate, her love. I am hers, and hers alone, and she is mine, and mine alone. To be shared with no one else.) on Earth.

    • That's right! And if the woman doesn't do everything she can to make the guy happy, then he is WELL within his rights to hit her over the head with his club and drag her back to his cave! That way he can finally satisfy his urges without listening to her drone on and on about how she's "independent" and a "human being" and "has no desire to clean up after you, you fucking pig" Pssh. Modern women, am I right?

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    • Indeed sir, thank you for revealing the Truth about Love--it is all in service of the Preservation of that Most Holy Gift of the Untouched Vagina. For when we men find the Pure and Clean Vag, oh yes, we shall lay claim upon it, and it shall be bonded eternally to our Manhood. And thence shall we Dirty the Vag, and the Vag shall Clean the Kitchen. Amen.

    • Unfortunately you are blinded to matters of the soul. It is sad, actually, I hope you humble yourself one day and soften your heart, and open it to wisdom.

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  • be you and be honest sincere and happy... you want to be with a man that is like you and enjoys many things you do... but if you want to be the best you can be physically, go to the gym, work out, dress in a way that makes you feel sexy and enjoy life...

  • Just be hot. Or be easy. There can be only one.

  • Look attractive. Some places are harder than others. If you feel you are attractive enough, then change your lifestyle. Like adapt your lifestyle to the men you want.


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