How would you ask a girl out on a date?

I've hung out with her as friends and I like her.
Do i ask her out on a date, or...
And is it as simple as, "Hey [name] next time would you like to go on a date with me?"
We are hanging out later today in the afternoon (5 or 6 hours from now).


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  • If you really do like her then you should ask her out. How? Well, that really depends on the kind of girl she is. If she's shy then you probably shouldn't add the word date. I really don't know her so I can't exactly tell you. What I can tell you is to go with your gut. You probably know her well enough to know what kind of person she is so just ask her the way that you think you should. Hope I helped!! :)

  • I think the simple "hey *blank* ... etc" would be perfect! She will probably be so happy and excited!!


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