Boyfriends mom doesn't like me?

So this 4th of July im going down to my boyfriends house to light some fireworks.. All of his friends and family is coming. Obviously since im a girl and he's a boy i can't stay the night at his house which is totally understandable and i respect that. But what i dont understand is that his mom let's his friend kimmy, stay the night even though she's a girl.. Yeah she dresses way differently (boyish) but that doesn't seem fair.. I dont know.. Maybe its just me.. Please help.. When i try to bring it up with him i just end up freezing up and not telling him... Im trying really hard not to make a huge deal out of it but.. It doesn't seem fair...


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  • Maybe she's a family friend

    • Yeah she is.. But his always uses that as an excuse for us to not see each other.. "because she's a girl!" just because kimmy dresses up like a boy doesn't mean she has a dick! Im sorry...

    • Family friend is a good reason for why she would be allowed to stay the night... I would'nt think twice about it. I mean, the mom probably is thinking "I trust her, and they aren't dating"

      When your dating it's a bit different because, well it should be obvious.

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  • Who cares, your not dating his mom. And maybe its because she dosnt know you as well as she knows kimmy.