Guys, if you are staring at a girl, what should the girls reaction be?

Do you want the girl to pretend that she didn't see you so that you don't feel embarrassed for staring/checking her out? Or is the purpose of you staring at her is for her to look back at you?

I normally just pretend I didn't see even if the guy is cute because I don't want to embarrass him by him knowing I saw him staring at me.


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  • Most guys with prolonged eye contact are doing so to get a reading on your level of interest. If you seem interested (e. g. eye contact, smile, other inviting body language) then they will approach you.
    Your ignoring them/pretending you didn't see, is them just making the conclusion that you aren't interested in talking to them. They therefore won't pursue you, unless they're persistent, and any chance of a relationship is very low.


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  • I can understand the notion of looking away. But give us something to work with... I don't know a wink, a smile, something, anything other than the rolling of the eyes look away.


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  • I would look, but pretend I didn't notice. But who wouldn't like that right?

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