How do I tell her to stop contacting me?

I asked a previous question about a girl who friend zoned me, which is fine, however I feel like i'm not interested in being her friend. She texts me everyday, even after she formally friend zoned me, and it's hard to imagine that she doesn't notice that contact between us is very one-sided. I hardly ever text her, and I NEVER call her. The only reason I know she texts me is because in my moments of weakness (lol) i check my "blocked messages" folder, and it's full of her texts. It's almost like she doesn't get it. I'm starting to think that she just likes the attention. I'm not too interested in a BFFship tbh as i'm getting pretty old for that.


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  • I would not sweat it, she will give up eventually.

    However, she may actually like you but is not keen on dating you before being friends fist... does happen.


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  • text her this - fuck off.