No one else is interesting to me besides him? But I can't have him?

I had classes with a guy for about a year and a half. We flirted a lot, hung out some... basically it seemed as if we were on the verge of being something more for a while but over a period of a few months he slowly dropped me and I'm 99% positive he simply lost interest.
Well I've been trying to get over him for a couple months now. I've only seen him twice but its still really difficult to not miss him and think about him. (Its definitely over, there's no trying to get contact again. ) But no guy has caught my eye. Even guys that are really cute, nice, funny etc don't feel right at all. Only he feels right.
I even said yes to a guy who asked me out (he was okay) just to try to forget him and I hated the whole night and I just wanted to be with HIM.
How long will I feel this way? Not only do I think about him and compare him to other guys while I'm with them, but I'm not attracted to other guys either like at all.
Help me. I'm miserable.


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  • I totally get your pain, and yes it sucks and is miserable. I promise you that you will get over it eventually, although how long it takes is really a personal thing. It once took me about a year to get over one guy I dated, and about 2 weeks for another. There is no need to rush yourself to date other guys, give yourself time to get over this one first. Once you are over him it will be easier to open your heart up to another guy.


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  • how the hell are we supposed to know how long you will feel this way? drop being dramatic and go find another guy

    • Well maybe someone has experienced something similar and could tell me how they got over it. And 1. I can't change my feelings 2. You can't just find a guy you like as if you're going shopping

  • may be he is your soul mate :P you should try to know how he feels about you too... from my point of view i think he stopped communication with you because he started to like you and you know may be he thought he never had a chance on you and dropped back :/

    • He just stopped flirting, asking my over, texting, etc even though I was still flirting. I even asked him to hang twice but the first time I think he was legit busy, 2nd time he was "too tired."
      Two people have asked him if he likes me and he said no. Since people are asking him this, surely he knows I like him? Plus, I acted interested I think...

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    • we have the same story okay..
      i'm really inexperienced in these matters okay so i was nervous back then but now i'm confident and i wanna tell her that i like her but it already has been 2-3 years i hope it has not been late :/
      in these years she tried to talk with me but i just pretended to ignore her... i regret that (sigh!)
      i thik the same story is with your guy

    • You should reach out to her

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  • Why did he lose interest?

    • Idk. At first I thought it was stress from school since it got very crucial with tests and stuff and he's a serious studier. But even when tests ended and school let out he didn't act interested or try to see me (I asked him to hang out but he was "too tired." I don't know why the loss of interest though

    • Maybe he is busy. Do you still see him often?

    • I don't think so. He's not a very popular or busy person except when school is on.
      I've only seen him twice this summer

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