Would you stay friends with a unrequited love interest?

Add any details you like to add. (why is it compulsory for this section to be full? - rhetorical question no need answer)

  • Yes, only if we were good friends before
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  • Yes, why not?
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  • No, who does that?
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  • Yes, in hope of a relationship in the future
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  • No, as revenge
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Most Helpful Guy

  • This is something I'd have to ponder strictly case by case. It has worked before and it has anything but worked. It's probably entirely hypothetical as far as I'm concerned though, it's been many years since I invested deeply into an interest without knowing that there was at least a hint of interest to reciprocate. I learned from my mistakes, you might say.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I honestly couldn't be friends with a girl in this situation, it would break my heart and cause me endless amounts of misery. I'm a happy-go-lucky kinda guy and I'd like to remain that way.

  • I dont become friends with girls I'm interetsed in. So: not applicable.


What Girls Said 1

  • I tried once, but the guy had no interested in initiating contact with me so I dropped it. Then after the summer, when he was me with his friends all I heard was "That girl is the one you said likes you? That whale?" . yep...
    I did stay friends with a guy, who I bet knew I liked him, but didn't say anything. But now we're not really talking and he's using the excuse "My girlfriend won't let me"/ Yeah right. Since when I am a threat to her?
    So I don't know if I could to this again if I ever get a new crush that doesn't feel the same

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