Hey guys my GF has become distant these days and we are in a long distant relationship. I'm loosing trust in her too?

ok ladies and gents. I am in a long distant relationship and its been about 10 months now. we met just 2 weeks before I travelled to the UK but we had this strong connection so we decided to date. she practically gave me her heart before I left and I decide to nurture it. she has had an active sex life before we met though; but me; not so much. Also before I travelled we didn't make love to each other.

She just got to college 6 months ago and ever since things changed. We dont talk much or communicate like when she was at home. Although Ii tried to understand that its a change of environment and she hasn't been in a long distant relationship before. On 2 ocassions she has told me about a guy who tried to kiss her even after letting him know she's dating me and another guy who she seems to be close and comfortable with but said she might start liking him. I really don't know how to react now. Coupled with this we talk regularly these day but sometimes she disappears for about 6hours and says she's reading or she slept or was on the laptop.

I personally have decided not to give it so much thinking time because of my studies besides we really haven't had much bonding time before I left. I'll keep doing performing my duties and showing how much I care. But my fear is that she's not telling me the whole story since she got to school and she's just keeping me on the sidelines. whta do you think guys.


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  • Hmmm... im not really buying the whole disappearing for 6 hrs because she was reading or on the laptop because me personally if the guy im with and love so much text or call im sure to respond as quicj as possible no matter what I am doing just next time you speak to her ask her if she still wants to continue the relationship and if y'all are ok also bring to her attention that she has been seemingly distant from you which is why you ask


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  • I've never done an LDR. But every time one of my friends have and their erstwhile lover has become distant, it's because they are starting off in another relationship but afraid to break up because their ~cheating will be exposed. Every single time.


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