What's going on with this situation?

This girl and I are friends but things are strange. She is in a relationship so move never made an official move. We used to talk everyday but then she'd go missing for a while then come back. Why?

This used to frustrate me so I'd ignore her, which I think bothered her quite a bit. I also would talk about other girls in front of her and she would flirt with my friend in front of me. I got really mad at her for this and ignored her big time for almost 2 months. I was cold to her and aloof. So now she skips all the lunches and calls in sick for certain events. Like I used to. We even will talk about a certain events we're both going to and she'll call in sick. The only lunch she went to in the past 6 months was when I was on vacation. And she was sure to let me know about. Why?

Why is she acting like this now?


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  • because she got the hint that you were avoiding/ignoring her? And if she 'flirts' with your frnd in front of you, maybe it was just to see how you reacted at it? And if she "went missing for a while" maybe she didn't have internet, or got grounded? You won't know unless you talk to her


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  • Dude you ask this same question over and over again with various changes. Why? She's playing to keep your interest just like you are doing to her. She's in a relationship, you're unwilling to make a move, so why waste time playing with her?

    • Good point and I'm looking for multiple opinions. We had something going, but the switch over was weird and confusing :/

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