Is she waiting for me to make the first move?

I'm a guy and I've known her for over three years now but never talked alone before. She has a Japanese background and is one off those anime like, extremely shy girls and yeah. I spent the last year in Japan myself and have gotten to a pretty decent level of speaking and last week, a couple days after my one year study in Japan we met up with our group off friends, one guy (me) and four other girls. We all know each other well but I haven't gotten the chance to talk to her much alone. We have had a long and I mean very long chat history through Skype for the past two years and was mainly just normal stuff friends would talk about, but in reality she is very shy. The other day I tried talking to her in person in Japanese and she was extremely surprised by my improvement. She seemed really into the conversation we were having but was interrupted by others soon later.

Sorry for the long wall of text. Is she interested in me? Is she waiting for me to make the first move? By the way we don't go to the same school anymore and were both seventeen but live very close to each other so keeping a relationship wouldn't be too difficult. Thanks people.


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  • Wow, Japan, that is cool.

    Anyways, nothing you have reported gives any hints about whether or not she likes you. That is probably why no one has answered this question so far. Like honestly, this could go either way. Nobody can tell.


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