Do girls like dealing with a guy with 2 personalities?

It's a recent discovery I've made, I have 2 different and opposite personalities.

There are days that I would be absolutely positive about most things, appreciating the things I have in my life and would feel really happy and really content - and there are days I feel the exact opposite, I can be very negative, very critical of everything just depending on the day. Let's just say on some days, I'm very well liked, and the opposite happens too, from time to time.

In the past I have had a couple of break-ups where the girl ended up telling me that "It seems that I really don't know who you are and what you're like". At that time I wasn't aware of the fact that I may have different personalities, but if I guess, let the girl know from the start, would girls be okay with it or even find it fun?

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  • My friend it sounds like you may have a mild case of either a bipolar disorder or a personality disorder. Neither is "bad" to have, it's something that does need to be addressed if you've come to notice you're feeling like two different people on different days and it's interfering with your life and relationships with others. If you find you do have something wrong, work on bettering yourself before dating because A: another person loving you will not fix you or make you better, it will likely make you feel worse when they don't understand or when things go wrong, and B: it is not another persons job to deal with your changing moods, even if they like you and you like them. If they choose to leave or not even begin at all, it's not because they don't like you. It's because they realize the A and B of what I just said. On and off depression is not fun (i have clinical depression along with a touch of anxiety and possible bipolar disorder, and it blows), but I see a doctor and therapist and take medicine and it's made life better. I don't know you personally, and i'm not saying you'll need treatment of some sort for a disorder you may or may not have, but if this something you're worried about and is effecting you it's best to look into the cause of your mix moods and see if you can better yourself before accepting them as normal for yourself and trying to add another person into the mix.


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  • Everyone has their off days. I suppose it is not that you abbr two personalities because everyone goes through that, it's unnatural and fake to never be negative, I think what she meant wa sthat you weren't being open enough with her. Just explain that you go through sad days note often than most and be open with her. You do not seem to have separate personalities at all, it seems like you are a human being with a heart that feels things. If sadness come upon you in an uncomfortable way, contact a doctor and he can help you out because depression has huge negative effects on your health, sex life, and mind. Trust me. And when a girl says thar after a relationship, it usually means that you aren't open enough for her and that you close off one day and the best you are fine. Everyone has bad days, but especially on the bad days you need to be frank about how you feel. And make her feel appreciated even when you feel not so great, or she night confuse that for loss of affection. Thatbdorsnt mean pamper her even when you don't feel like it, it means let her know that you still love her and that you care but you are feelling down. Let she k ow its not her fault or of it is be frank, civil and work it out without yelling or blaming or over exaggerating. it's not that its fun or difficult, it's that it's difficult to never know two you feel unless you tell her and that it's fun when you are appreciated through whatever mood. Best of luck!

  • Hmmm... I think you shouldn't worry. I guess everybody's like that, it's normal.


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