I can't stop thinking about me and my friend as boy friend and girl friend?

I was becoming friends with this one girl and we started to become really good friend ( sharing secrets, telling storys) and I began to have feelings but I wasn't sure if she had them too so I just said that I have feelings for you and she took it well but said she doesn't like me like that but later on the year we went to a dance and we slow danced ( I know friends can slow dance) and now everyone at the school makes the joke that we are dating and we too make the joke. What I'm trying to say is should I go for it again or stay in the friend zone and try to get over her

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What Girls Said 1

  • Go for it again just to make sure nothing has changed. If the answer remains the same, move on.


What Guys Said 1

  • You're still in the friend zone. You stay there as long as you want.