Ladies I need help encouraging a second date!?

So my ex and I are really great together but our relationship started before her last one ended which resulted in 4 years of mistrust and heartbreak between the 2 of us. But we went on a date anyways and things were amazing. Even the waitress and cook couldn't help but smile at us. In high school we were the friends that everyone thought was a couple and it spilled over into college. No one ever assumes we're just friends even when we're honestly trying to be. Her parents think we're great together. My parents aren't as welcoming but that's because they know how things started. Any ways she's got her fair share of options and I've learned that she waits a few days before accepting any date requests. She sent a text saying she enjoyed herself the night after the date and even asked what we should do next at the end of the date. I didn't have anything on the spot but I asked later that night and she hasn't responded. I don't want to sound desperate because I'm not but I value this girl a lot and don't want to screw things up again. I don't even connect with my best friends as strongly as I do with her and trust me that's not an exaggeration. We talked for 3 hours straight, barely broke eye contact and even got a little intimate in the parking lot. Which we did almost everyday in high school but not as much in college. I just had the bad luck of reconnecting with her everytime she got a new boyfriend which usually always ends a few weeks later. Any advice on anything would be helpful.


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  • Just text her again and say, "Maybe we can do ____. What do you think?"
    She will respond if she's interested.

    • Yeah I don't like asking her twice. The last time we were talking I wasn't used to her new texting habits and I thought she was avoiding me and I got really insecure and blew up. So I'm trying to steer clear of ever giving that impression again.

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    • Oh sorry.
      Well I gave you two straightforward answers so it doesn't apply to me lol.

    • Thanks for MH! :)

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