How did you become a couple? How did it begin?

What are your stories with your bf/gf?
How did you start dating? Who made the first step? ...


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  • It's kinda funny, to me at least
    In school I got so used to girls coming
    to me that I got bored of it.

    They would all stare at the
    ground, mumbling.

    But one day was different. I was at my usual spot
    at the roof gazing into the horizon where thoughts
    can be let free, it soon started raining, but I didn't
    care, I liked the rain.

    Not long after, the rain stopped, or so I thought, I heard the
    voice of a girl: "you'll get sick". I turned around, to face a girl
    holding an umbrella to cover the both of us, "I won't" I replied
    she smiled, looked straight at me and told me that she'd been
    fascinated with my way of doing things.

    Ok, enough of that story, you know
    where it goes from there ^.~


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  • Our relation started very weird actually as I've found my girlfriend in the guys' toilet at our school as the girls' was defect and I immediately fell in love after she stutteringly told what she was doing there. For her it wasn't love on the first sight as she felt very ashamed. Then I later on asked her to go to a film with me.


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  • we had been close friends for a while, at the end of the school year i told him how i felt, but nothing happened, so the next year mid year we were still close even closer and he asked me out after hanging

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