Should I message him to hang out?

Some background
I met him at 2 graduation parties, after the 1st one he fb requested me. He's going to be in college next year and Im going into senior year. He's way into music, science, and dabbles in art too he's a catch. Im a fairly attractive person Id say, so do you think he'd find it weird or be flattered im I messaged him like "Hey Andrew! I know we've only met a few times, but you honestly seem like a really cool guy, so i was just wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime, maybe catch a movie or something 😊" Also I dont have his # or Id just text him

He responded saying that I seem like a cool person too but he's seeing someone right now and that we should be friends... Better I know now haha he was really nnice about it too! 😝


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  • yeah you can type exactly that or just take a more casual approach, I'm positive he won't mind either.

    • I really like how formal you are. I want more girls to be like that what the fuck:p

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    • Thanks for the great advice and the compliment!

    • haha no problem:D Good luck!

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  • Sounds good. Go for it