How bad is this. It might be a normal thing but probably not?

In a question I asked earlier I explained this complex relationship. But my new question is, Is it bad that I am moving on from one girl I am sort of seeing a new girl. It was a long story with the first one but I feel like Since we never really dated there is some unfinished business between us. I had her come over so I could tell her that we shouldn't talk anymore (because everytime I hear from her the feelings keep coming back) I thought If I didn't hear from her for a while I would eventually have stonger feelings for the new girl than her but after the conversation she said "I feel that this Conversation should have solved something" I said I thought it did then she came back with well maybe we should date let me think about it. So I continue to see the second one but still hoping the first one will Finally decide she wants to date. I feel like I am doing wrong to my new girl and she knows but acts like everything is alright even though I feel as if it's not. Is a scenario like this normal or am I in some really bad situation. PLEASE HELP!!! LOL


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  • I think old girl just wants to be with u now because u r with new girl and/or since someone else is interested in u now she is. If u weren't with someone she wouln't want to date u.

    • Right I get that feeling too. Does that mean she likes me or note its just a game to her

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    • Actually no that may sound dumb but I was single for so long. I was in a 6 yr relationship and have been single for around 5 years I think. I was happy doing my own thing. I just did what I want then I met the first girl and sge made me realize what I was missing. I got off drugs because she didn't like that. For some reason I am more productive when I'm in a relationship. I just feel like Im ready I guess

    • I can understand that...

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