I'm shy, but told I'm hot. How does this along with other traits, increase my chances of getting a girl?

View on relationships: I’m basically trained to embrace the idea of a meaningful relationship, and trained well. I kinda cringe at the sight/mention of f*** buddies/FTW/hooking up

Physical: Apparently I’m a good looking guy. Some random girl once said I look like Tom Cruise, another one said with a smile that I was “too hot for Pennsylvania”, and a magazine my sister modeled for once, asked if I would think of modeling for them.
I wouldn’t say that I am athletic, but I look in shape and have an athletic frame. I’m working on the athletic part.
Are the slight rib cage “Pectus Excavatum” and the back deformity “Kyphosis” turn offs?

Social: I don’t have a lot of real friends. I didn't get real active until middle school. Spontaneously talking to/approaching people is a bit scary for me. I tend to talk too fast when nervous. I’ve only recently learned a lot of important things socially, but I still have the anxiety to work on. I can hold a conversation fairly well when I feel really comfortable. I tend to avoid eye contact with people unless I feel comfortable with them, which I understand is bad.
I’m more of an extrovert, a shy and reserved extrovert. Would the shy/anxious thing kind of work in my favor?

Keeping up appearances: I’m kinda OCD, so that tells you everything about hygiene. I have a sense of fashion— My parents and older sister made sure of that.

Spontaneity: I have urges, but I hardly act on them in public, because I wonder wether or not its good idea. The last I time I really acted on one, was at one my school dances. It turns out that people actually think I’m a pretty good dancer, and I really enjoyed it too.
Interests: Economics, business, politics, strategies of war, psychology, the sciences, movies, Tv shows, writing. Anything innovative gets me excited. I picture myself one day being an executive, entrepreneur, a doctor, someone deep in foreign affairs, or the head of a research team.

Assessment GAGers? How to improve?


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  • I don't think you would have a problem with finding a girl, it's just you have to keep an eye out for the right girl. A lot of girl will go with a guy because of their look, sadly. Honestly the only thing you have to work on is eye contact so she would know that your attention is only on her.


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  • Trust me, you'll have no problems getting a girl from what I've read.

  • Look for the right girl, and she will adore you!

    • Not entirely sure what you mean by "right girl"?

    • Like, the one you will spend the rest of your life with.

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