How many o you feel like you don't deserve to have a bf/gf or that you are not ready or a reltionship or dating, it maybe you a too independent?

I have never felt like I really would be able to have a relationship due too being too independent, but I was also shy and not very social, no really good friends that were actually good for me. So I never really felt comfortable with even trying to get into a relationship.

But I also feel that I have never met anyone I really felt comfortable with, seeing as I have never dated and don't have many friends that I am close with. But even my parents and sisters I feel like I can't have a strong relationship with until I really get to where I want to in life and become sort of successful. And hen I always wonder if I meet a girl will she have the same attitude as my mother or my sisters. Because I know I don't like that.

These are the things that keep me from relationships and all that. What about you?


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  • I don't deserve my boyfriend. He is too good for me.

    • Why do you think that? What is he difference between you two?

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    • Well then why don't think two of you ask each other to stop firting with other people?

    • It's too hard. We don't see each other often.

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