Should I mail him a letter that I wrote?

I already talked to my dad and he advised me "No," that I shouldn't chase guys but I really want to mail this guy a letter telling him how I feel. I just cannot contain how I feel and I want him to know even if he doesn't feel the same I at least want to walk away knowing that he read the letter and knows how I feel and can either act accordingly or not. At least I will know that I reached out... :(

I did get his address from an online phonebook which I hope isn't creepy :( and it probably is but that's the only way I could reach him so I'm writing him a letter and sending it.

We kind of met like a few months ago but he cut me out of his life twice to having a girlfriend I think? I know it all sounds bad but I felt a strong connection with him :( I'm not sure if he felt it to but ya I just think about him all the time... hence wwy I want to send this note

Do you guys think I shoudl send it?


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  • Women chasing men is far more likely to be unsuccessful than men chasing women. I think your father is looking out for your best interests. Chances are that you will chase him away if you send him a letter.
    If he felt a strong connection to you, he wouldn't have cut you out of his life! Twice, for that matter.

    Be very careful to that he doesn't decide that you'll make an easy target to bed because of your emotional attachment to him. You can mail the letter; it is your choice; but he may decide to play your emotions.

    • I don't know I think I've literally gone insane... I met this guy off an online dating site and ever since my dating life has just been downhill... I haven't been able to find another guy AND... I kinda miss him.. I know it sounds bad and it all is.. but I don't know :( I wish he wouldn't of left me

    • Part of the reason why you may be having issues is that you probably radiate desperation to those around you. Does it really matter if you can't find another guy right now? You'd be surprised how someone can show up in your life when you aren't even looking, and have basically pulled out of the dating game. It happened to me.
      Just move on, stop looking (find a hobby, focus on something else) and you'll find someone.

  • No, don't send it.

    Sounds like you do not love you. How can a man love a woman who needs a man to complete her. A woman needs to come to a relationship complete.

    The key reasons - you found his address, you think about him all the time which means in your mind he is doing things that create a dream world which is not apart of the real world.



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