Should I share this pic with the guy I have been texting a lot?

Been texting this really great guy but he is a professional soccer guy and we are going to go on a date. I have an old pic from when I was 18 with him so several years ago and I would like to send it to him to introduce my height (I am quite short) so it isn't a surprise hit to him. Do you think this would be too groupy like or a good idea. The pic was really innocent and I would think he would be flattered (ego and all). What do you think?

Guys... really need your input!


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  • yes you should (: it's okay, we don't care about height too much. some couples are even cutter having the male tall and the gf short.

    • But what do you think about whether it is too groupie like to show him the pic? It was from a game he was in several years ago. Would a guy like that ego wise or think its creepy?

    • he will be fine with it, would you think it's creepy if it were you? everybody likes to know someone has interest in them, and to be showed appreciation.

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  • Why would you not want to send a current picture of you? instead of sending a picture that is a couple years old?

    • Oh I have sent pics they just don't show my height (against his height).

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    • I'm 4'11" and he's either 5'9" or 5'10"

    • I would say don't send it because I remember before I went out to go on my first date with someone, he didn't know that I was short (I'm 5'1 and he's 6'2) and that was the first thing he noticed, it helped break the ice between the two of us because he started making jokes about short people, and made fun of how short I was. We had a blast. I would suggest, warn him about that but you dont necessarily have to send a pic.