How do I nicely stop talking to this guy or should I keep talking to him?

So this guy put his number in my phone a few weeks back and we've been texting every since. He always starts the conversations, and he replies really fast. Like within the minute. He's good at keeping conversations going and doesn't just let them die, but we hardly ever talk about anything deep. With other guys I've talked to I've been able to talk about music and snowboarding, two of my greatest passions. He also isn't very attractive. This is where my problem comes in: He's really nice and fun to talk to and we haven't hung out yet (he's trying really hard to make it work to meet up, he lives an hour away, we're going to hang out this week) but I'm sure he'd be fun to hang out with. I just am not physically attracted to him, he's not that cute. I don't want to be shallow, but honestly it does bug me. I can't see myself kissing him or walk around calling him my boyfriend when I don't find him that attractive. Should I stop talking to him? If I do, how do I let him down nicely?


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  • thees no need to go further than friendship, if he does try to take it farther friendzone him, but dont just stop talking to him. that would be unnecessary and hurtful to him so maybe give obvious signs you dont wanna be more, but still talk to him and hang with him. no problem in that

    • The only thing is I know he wants to date because he said I like you and at the time I thought I liked him so I told him I liked him too, and he talks about taking me to baseball games in other states and things like that. How do I make the friendzoning very obvious?

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    • well say that you all should invite some friends to go to the game, if these plans are already made. and if you end up being just the two of you, just frienzone him then, but if you dont wanna go the two of yuo then make up something and just not hang out that time.

    • also use non romatic names, like dude or something, and tell him he's like a brother (if you are that close) and then if he persists just tell him straight up. also you could try like putting a little distance he should get the hint

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  • yes, don't give him false hopes :c stop talking to him

  • Shallow girls everywhere. Lol

    • I'm trying not to be shallow. If you don't want me to be shallow what do you want me to do? Don't act like you've never judged on looks

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