How long should I wait to know if you can now get serious or not?

Is 3 months enough to know if you can now get serious or not? We're exclusively dating. We define it as having fun, no deep commitments or serious one. We meet every weekends and we talk everyday. But I want the label thing. How to approach him or should I wait for him to ask me? Or should I wait a little longer? I am curious if he just wanted me around. I want to know what he want in our relationship and I am afraid to ask because he might pull away.

By the way, I am a single mother and I want to know if being a single mother is a factor that is why he can't decide yet if he wants to pursue a serious relationship or not.

  • Should I ask him if we can get more serious?
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  • Should I wait for him to ask me?
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  • Should I give it more time to know each other.
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  • I think that he may be waiting for you to ask him if it can be a serious relationship. A lot of advice I've seen puts the decision in the hands of the girl to initiate.
    I have to say though that you make a very good point on being a single mother. I actually got interested in some research on single mothers a little while back. I'm not sure what issues you've had, but a lot of single mothers find it very hard to get a guy to commit. It takes a mature self-actualized man to realize the value of a mother. Your boyfriend (may not be labelled as such, but using it for convenience) may be wrestling with that aspect of you being a single mother. It may not even be an issue.

    I would slip it in when you're being intimate, and ask what he thinks.

    • His parents are conservative the way he describes it. I don't know if he is just considering his parents' view. What are the proper words to compose without sounding so nosy or needy?

    • It is a little hard to gauge the best approach in words, as it depends on his personality, yours, and the environment. Maybe you could ask him exactly where he believes your relationship currently stands. Tell him that you've been dating for 3 months, and it would mean a lot to you if he considered you his girlfriend (or whatever tag you want) and vice versa.

    • Thank you.

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  • C: wait... he may not be the type of guy that wants to do that and in my opinion, marriage should come before sex


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