How do I know if she has a boyfriend?

I know this girl from age 13/14 i was in her class. Now we're around 25, so 11-12 years after I saw her on FB and added her. Asked her if she remembers it, she does remember the school/teachers but not me. I am really interested in this girl, I want to ask her out, but not on FB because it'll be very lame, girls? I've been talking to her over FB and trying to see if she has boyfriend? I asked how her weekend was couple of times because she didn't answer me the first couple of times, she said she was confused. I asked to see if she says oh I went out with my BF. Now she has a pic uploaded and has dated today's date with a heart. Only her in the picture, any indication of boyfriend taken her out? The reason boyfriend isn't on FB open is because of her background, same as her status 'single'. I don't want to be blunt like "do you have a BF?" for two reasons. I am trying to know her not date her ASAP, I'll in weeks time when I know her more. Another reason is I don't want her to know I like her! especially if she ends up having a boyfriend.


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  • Just wait till your friendship starts out pretty good. Everything should come naturally. Joke with her. Tell her "Hey, you want to get a cup of Joe sometime?" or Just tell her does she have someone special in her life. If she does play it cool : "Haha, cool. I don't have anyone special yet. Just waiting for the right one" etcetera etcetera.


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