Tell a story about a date/kiss disaster?

The title says it all :) if you have any tell us a story about a date or a kiss disaster that happened to you...
For me : i was once on a date with a guy and he looked at my mouth and just as he was about to kiss me i literally burped in his face... thank god he laughed it off but it was so embarassing


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  • Just like genericname85 I met this one girl on line and by her pictures she looked like knockout, pretty face, nice body, we talked for about a month line and on the phone before meeting up. We decide to meet up at Sea World to spend the day together. I was super excited to meet her. I come to find that she looks rather different in real life than she does in her pictures, her pictures had to have been from like at least 5 years ago. She had severe acne scarring and terrible body odor. There was no chemistry and I was not at all attracted to her. I was rather dissapointed. So I was pretty much stuck the whole day with her at Sea World. We both paid for tickets, so I tried to be cordial and make the best of it, but I think she could see I wasn't quite feeling it for her. She actually liked me and tried to flirt with me through out the day and it was rather awkward for me. It was a hard lesson learned for me and I quit the whole online dating thing after that. I would encourge anyone to stop wasting your time online looking for a partner because more than often you are going to end up dissapointed when that person does not meet your expectations. Get out and do things and meet people the old fashoined way, in person. Online dating is not the quick and easy way to meet someone.

    • yeah right? i mean what do they even think? as if they could love a guy, they donĀ“t find attractive whatsoever.

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  • That is just extremely cute, not desastrous. The worst "disasteous" date I've ever had, was pretty lame... I met her on a dating site and she seemed pretty nice, so we decided to date in real live. Turned out, she had photoshoped her pics a lot and choose advantageous poses, so she looked like 5 points (on a scale to 10) better than in real live. She was pretty overweight too (couldn't see that in her pics). Well as I said, boring, since we still had a good date because I didn't make her recognise my disappointment.

    • What happened after that?

    • i straight up told her, that i have no romantic interest in her but that i find her to be a nice person and would like to stay in contact. i quess, she was kind of sad, because she only responded shortly and we never texted or met again after that.

  • That's pretty cute haha. It'd be like "oh shit, I didn't know cute girls can burp." kind of thing.

    Mine wasn't a disaster, but I had my date tell me "I don't really know if I like you" and insist we go eat somewhere economical (MacDonald's). Turns out that while we could chat well as colleagues, outside of work we didn't have things to talk about anymore.


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