How does a girl impress on a first date?

**Say for instance the first date is either a dinner and a drink or a movie and maybe a drink after...**

* What does she wear? That's going to impress him, leave him wanting to know me and thinking amazing things, he seems like a classy guy.

* Also what does she talk about? What questions should she ask and should she avoid?

* And overall what little habits and flirty things does a girl need to do to make you think she's amazing, that makes you want to get to know her? That leaves a **lasting impression** on a guy.

* How much should she reveal about herself or should she keep it *mysterious* so he has more to learn about her on the next date if there is one.

**How can she leave an amazing long lasting first impression?**

(This is going to be my first ever first date with someone I don't really know, my ex I was with for 4 years I grew up with so we already knew everything there was to know and never ever went through the dating formalities, kind of just went straight to the honeymoon phase, now I know nothing about dating and how to put myself out there)

I'm dressing to impress a really kind sweet genuine guy, he is very very good looking and quite classy.. He's about 23-24 , and very fit. He used be in the corporate world but now studies health and fitness.. How can I impress him?


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  • just laugh at his jokes and try to be sincere, listen to what he has to say and dont make it awkward for him

  • by giving it up

    • Giving sex up? On a first date? That first impression would be easy and slutty.. Not amazing

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    • You must not be from anywhere classy or sophisticated

    • it's not that it is how dating is where I live at and always was

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