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Well the girl I've been dating for sometime now just told me something that she felt i needed to know about who she was talking to before me... she told me she's still pure but wasn't perfect and almost hooked up with this guy i know (but i dont think he knows that i know the stuff i know now) . But now im wondering if she still has some interest in this guy. What does it mean that she wanted to be the one to tell me... i really dont know and how do i go about not worrying about it while trying to find out if she still even sees me in a romantic way. Mind you me and this girl have been on two dates already and have kissed... she told me this at 6:30 in the morning and woke me up for this so yea -.- to early for all of this lol but help is much appreciated and on top of that ill be pissed if she still likes him because he's a cheater and i have proof. Im keeping what i know to myself atm because its not my businesss... sigh


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  • I think she told you this so you could hear her side of the story first and noy hear it from him or anyonr else. And having been in this situation I feel like since it was on her mind so hardcore she's not telling you the whole truth and feels guilty about something.


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  • If she wanted to be with him instead of you, she would be with him instead of you. Quit worrying so much, and keep going out with her.

    • but the past 3 weeks we havnt been able to go out , so thats why im thinking about it a little more , that and she did wake me up for this

    • So then stop talking to her. You have two choices. Keep talking to her and disregard this other guy, or stop talking to her and find another girl.

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