Guys please help!!! Who calls who after an argument about the future?

My boyfriend and I got into an argument about our future. We have been together for 1.5 years and it was about our future. We are both 31. He said to just trust him and I told him its hard because he seems uncertain as to where we will live (currently he lives in the U. S. With dual citizenship and I am Canadian)... he keeps flip-flopping answers when he knows that because of my career we would have to eventually live in Canada. One day he says yes... the next he says he doesn't know. Being that we live in separate countries I want to know that I am not wasting my time. He ended up leaving my house and said he needs some space. He said he loves me but wanted to go home because "I won't trust his word"... but he has not given any word. In fact, he keeps changing his mind. What he means by "his word" is when he tells me that everything will be fine and not to worry. It's not a promise. We haven't talked for a couple days... I'm upset that he hasn't called me yet. Who calls who? Will he miss me more if I just let him be? I think he is expecting me to call him because that is what happened the last time and I did my best to see his side and make up with him by the end of the day. This time I think I am hurt again and I don't think he's being fair. What should I do? Please help! I have to hope that if he really loves me he will call.. right? We've never not talked before. We hardly ever fight... but I also don't want to chase after him when I feel like he needs to see my side. What do u think I should do? Do guys usually miss someone in their absence? Is it an ego boost if I call hum? Is that what this is about? Please help


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