Should I tell my boyfriend about cheating in pastd relationships?

I've cheated before and its still a huge regret in my life, and i dont think I can let it go until I tell the guy that I love about my past.. should I?


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  • Yes it's good to be honest. He will want more detail but it's good to be open. It might come back to haunt you later on if you ever get into a rough patch because it will pop into his mind but again the best way to start a relationship is to be honest and open.


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  • Yes you should and if the guy is like me, he'll thank you for your honesty, wish you all the best for the future and cut you off.

    • Oh lol. So if a girl youve been dating for a while told you she's cheated before (and u knew the exact story)
      would you cut her off?

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    • Yeah I know and thats my problem and im realistic about situation. Quite honestly I know I've fucked up with the cheating in the first place and guilt is the reason why I even told my bf. Cause even though if i never wouldve told him he wouldve never known, and thats something a SO needs to know. The guy I cheated on to this day does not know. (Which i feel baf about as well) but the whole scenario with me "cheating" is that I told my ex, all my feelings about our relationship and everything laid everything out for him and was ignored, because he didn't like to talk about his feelings. He would literally rather just act likr it all never happend. I litterally told him I felt that if one day I was gone i felt like he wouldn't even be phased and he just shrugged his shoulders. So in his mind we were together when I cheated & but in mine werent but karma came back and got me and it sucked. Emotinally draining and id nevrt put my bf through that. Lol

      Sorry for the rant

    • Rant away, you're more than welcome too. I like that you are showing remorse for what you've done, you've clearly made a mistake which you have acknowledged and these are positive signs. A lot of men will be prepared to give you a chance and I respect you for being honest as you could keep this to yourself because nobody is going to be any the wiser, but for me, I just couldn't ever fully trust someone who has cheated enough to commit to them.

  • Hm common problem in al of couples...

    u knw what humans r al tend to do mistakes that the common strategy of humans so dnt worry about ur mistake what have u done.. just go straight ahead n tell him what hapnd if he is a gud guy then he will definitely excuses you n he will really appreciate for ur honesty...

    • Yeh. It was like a year before our relaationship started. & after I cheated on my ex I ended up getting cheated on. So I know how that feels so id never put him through anything like that.

    • remember one thing always love a person who try to grasp ur feelngs n ur words while going through a argument bcoz he will think of every word what u told n how u felt for that , if that guy is not a understandable one he will try to make argument long n longer he doesn't understands ur feelngs n he will not belive in u. so go head n observe this that ur bf has this kind of mentality r not n am sory that am poor in English so it would be some where that i can mistake so sory for that

  • Only if you think you may cheat on him. We don't need to know ALL about your past unless you think it'll affect the present and or future


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