Why do women say they want to hang out but don't follow through?

I met this girl from work and she seemed really interested in me. I asked her out and she said yes. We went out on Saturday night two weeks ago and had a blast!

She still texts me back and stuff but when I ask her if she wants to hang out and she says yes she doesn't follow through. I think she likes me lots but something might be troubling her. I've overheard bits of conversations she's had with people at work; because we work together (no company policy against it though) and she wasn't far away. It sounds like something is bothering her.

She told me not to tell anyone about us at least at work because she doesn't want them knowing. I didn't, I only sought advice from my bosses who I am pretty close with about it because I've never had a girlfriend before. Unfortunately we saw some people from work at the movie theater and I think those people gossiped about it to virtually everyone at the workplace.

I'm afraid they ruined it for us. She told me via text one day this weekend that we are "just friends". I thought that was because of the work thing but I want to tell her nobody at work cares except for the gossiping thing.

I've asked to hang out with her plenty of times but still she doesn't follow through. What should I say or do? Any good advice or insights here from you women?


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  • No offense meant here but she probably has you on the back burner. There is another guy she is interested in more but she's not sure how he likes her yet. So she keeps texting you back so you stay interested but doesn't want to jeopardize the other guy on the line. As soon as the other guy either accepts (she will stop talking to you) or Declines (She will accept your request to go out again)

    My advice stop texting her first for a couple days the less you want her the more she will want you. She already knows your interested. so if you act aloof for a couple days she might start chasing you.


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  • keep it casual for now. Try to instill the idea that it doesn't matter what your co workers think. Don't be to aggressive but don't let her slip away either.

  • You should never give a girl an open-ended text message date invite. You ALWAYS ask out in person. You ALWAYS say "Do you want to go out, Saturday (for example)?"

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