Expectations too high for a college girl, honest question because I'm goin off to college?

Im a down to earth kinda guy that loves food (pasta). Interestingly enough, I have Boston accent considering I'm Bangladeshi. I was born in America and I grew up with old school parents and old school white people. So I pretty much have a semi conservative side in terms of what I should look for in a lady (not their race or color or whatever).

I'm going to a big diverse college, and I plan to do finance so I do have a bright future ahead of me.

So I was curious if my expectations were too high for a college girl. I pick girls out like girls pick guys out.

She has to be:
Virgin (im a virgin too, so I'm not one of those hypocrites)
Confident ( I do like cocky girls, I love to argue and win at arguments about anything).

As far as beauty goes, I honestly couldn't tell you what I like because I see so many vast kinds of women that it amazes me every time. But if had to pick l like plain janes

Side note: don't factor my race or color because i can usually make friends with any kinds of girls, yes even the racist ones.


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  • You could probably find a smart girl in college who is healthy and confident but finding a virgin will be hard. It's possible if you make it clear you want to get married as soon as you graduate but if marriage is not in the works for you - finding a virgin who meets your criteria will be difficult. If you take out the confident requirement - you might find a virgin who is smart, in college and healthy. I'd say you have a 70-80% chance of finding her but only if you are super attractive and have a wide social base.

    • Well damn, my hopes just got slaughtered, I'm okay looking, as in "I'm not bad looking" that's the only compliment I ever got from a girl.
      But... who knows

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  • Usually life doesn't turn out the way we think/want. When you fall in love you will rip up your checklist believe me. Falling in love has nothing to do with a checklist it just happens

  • Stick to your expectations! You'll find her. The virgin thing... fingers crossed!


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  • I don't think your expectations are high, as long as you are also most of these things or at least have comparable qualities.

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