Gone on 2 dates think he may be using me?

Trying to keep this briefly I've been talking on and off with this guy and lately we've become really close we talk everyday we've gone on 2 dates but i just feel that he may be just using me for sex. Lately all he talks about is sex and I've told him from the start that I don't believe in sex before marriage and he said he respects that. We had like a mini argument or a jokey argument on snapchat I don't even know to be honest. He said things like "go away frigid, your moving long, you're just wasting my time". Like i guess i can understand the part he said ur moving long like we haven't even kissed yet he mentioned it a couple times the next time he sees me his gna kiss me. I did want to kiss him on our last date but it ended all in a rush as my bus came last minute and i had to run to catch it as it was the last bus home and it was getting ready to leave. He was just standing there smiling i was waiting for him to do the first move but he didn't so i just went in for the hug since i was in a rush and went to catch the bus. What do you guys think of this do you think I'm overreacting or he just wants sex. Also another thing he posted a pic of himself on the phone on instagram with a caption "when we first met i had no idea you would be so important to me fact." I thought it was about me but I'm not too sure like there's this one girl that I've come across and he likes most of her pics and comments on them for e. g he said pretty with the kiss emoji and that girl even liked that pic of him with the caption and she's also his second best friend on snapchat I'm his first best friend. I duno maybe I'm overreacting but it did make me kinda upset like he doesn't even comment on my pics and I'm like kinda seeing him i guess what do you guys think of this situation?


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  • I admire your decision to avoid fornication. As for him, it is difficult to know if he is just trying to use you or not. It is possible this other girl is just a friend to him. I wouldn't give up on him just yet, but if he starts spending excessive amounts of time with her that is of course a different story.


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  • seems like you're overthinking. just let it settle a bit and see what happens.


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