How is the game suppose to be played?

The whole dating game seems like it has a special game plan..
I mean when i date a guy who i like and he shows interest why would i want to play games with him. I would want to be straight forward and meet him often and show interest.

I recently met a guy and i kind of like him and its fresh, and i hope i dont ruin it.
We went for a walk yesterday and it was great, after i asked him if he wanted to do something again and he replied " sure thing, ill let you know if i can make time inbetween my trip tomorrow and my trip for the weekends" he went to the mountain today and for the weekend is going out of town.

I mean yes it sounds like he is interested but what if he doesn't reach out to me?
I date guys and it goes great and when things get serious they bail out.
I hate the whole wait around for him to reach out.. it sucks


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  • Don't wait, and it's not a game! I've been played with/teased so much it's not funny, and it hurts, if you want the guy, go for it, ask him, make him interested, if he's not interested he's simply not interested. and not everybody has infinite free time, they have lives too.

  • That's the thing so many people get wrong dating is not a game it is sersious your actions affect not only you but the person your with as well.


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