He was really keen then all of a sudden he isn't. Help please?

So about 6 months ago I went on an internet date with a guy, but a few weeks later he had to go back to Australia.
He poped up on a dating site and we got chatting again. Turns out he's back here to stay for a few years. We got on really well when we had a date and he asked me out seeing as he's here to stay now. I said yes but I was on holiday so he gave me his number and asked me to contact him when I was home... So I did. We chatted a little and then all of a sudden he just stopped texting. So I sent him a message yesterday just asking how his weekend was to test the waters but came up empty. I literally have no clue what happened. HELP!!


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  • Be careful with internet people. You said you went on an internet date? I guess that means not in person? Try to meet him in person, or forget him. You don't want to end up on Dr. Phil for falling for a catfish.

    • No, I did meet him in person. He's not a catfish. It was from a dating website was what I meant.

    • Oh, okay. That's good to establish that. Sometimes people do flake out, and there doesn't ever seem to be a real reason. People are inconsiderate and too cowardly to admit what might be the reason for their vanishing act.

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