What do you do when you like a guy that can't like you back?

I can't get over this guy because I see him everyday. I know I can't be with him. I've liked him for a year now. We talk, hang out, buy each other things. He's a really sweet and caring guy. I think that if it were possible, he would date me. What do I do to get over him?


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  • Is it because he is in a relationship?

    I find it suspicious that he is buying you things. How often are you guys hanging out? Did it just recently spike in frequency? What kind of things are you buying each other?

    What things is he saying to you?

    • He's in a relationship with his job. Nothing else seems to matter to him. He's never had a gf. We hung out on Thursday. He was having a break down and wanted me to chill with him for a while. He buys me movies, gift cards(even one for victoria's secret-but it's my fave store). I borrowed his ps3 a million times. I've bought him movies too. We go out to eat, movies, shopping.

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    • Go get 'em tiger!

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