What does he mean?

So a guy I'm involved with but not dating just messaged me drunk, and he said "...yer hot. and a tiny tiny part of me <3s you. shhhhhhhh..."

What do you think he means?


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  • Number one he is drunk texting, so first you have to decide how you want to consider the information he has given you as legitimate or not.

    Number two, I think we all know what he is getting at, and that is that he finds you sexually appealing and he probably is going to next state that he wants to meet up.

    Number three, you have to decide if you want to actually peruse this activity or not.

    That's what I think.


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  • well he prob likes you somewhat but obviously doesn't have the balls to tell you sober. or he may just be "drunk texting" looking for someone to flirt with.

  • He's drunk, it could mean anything really. It just sounds like he's rambling on about how he likes you.

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